Sponsored Entries in the First Novel Prize

To advance the principal aim of the Prize, that of finding original new voices in fiction writing, starting with 2023, the organisers will be sponsoring a total of one hundred places for writers on a low income.

Twenty-five sponsored places will become available at the beginning of every month between February and May every year via a sponsored entry form. If the form is not available on the website, then the number of sponsored places has been exhausted for the relevant month. Entrants are encouraged to revisit the website at the beginning of the following month within the Prize period.

If fewer than 25 applications for a sponsored entry have been received in any given month, the remaining places will be added to the following month’s allowance, up to and including May.

Additional places may be sponsored by generous paying entrants or the general public, by using this form, or by selecting to pay extra during the paid entry process.

If shortlisted, sponsored entrants will be required to provide proof of low income that is relevant to their country of residence, on a strictly confidential basis.